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If you have been charged with a crime or are currently being investigated it is imperative to secure representation as soon as possible to ensure you have the best outcome and that your rights are protected. Our firm is here to provide that representation. We handle all areas of criminal and DUI defense from assisting clients currently being investigated, conducting court hearings, negotiating plea agreements, and representing clients at trial.

Jeff Grynkewich has been greatly successful in getting the best possible outcomes for his clients including pre-trial dismissals, trial acquittals, plea agreements to reduced charges and diversion agreements which result in dismissal of charges.

Don’t delay in securing representation, evidence that is favorable to you may be destroyed, defense witnesses may be lost, and your own memory may begin to fade. Contact us now and start building your defense.




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Areas of Practice

Felony Defense

A felony conviction can be devastating. Felony convictions may result in substantial prison time, loss of civil rights, long terms of probation, and a felony record which may affect future job or housing prospects. Proper defense of felony charges can help to avoid these devastating consequences.

MVD Hearings

For those charged with a DUI, use of a fake ID, and certain other traffic infractions, you may be facing a lengthy automatic license suspension unless you quickly request a hearing with the MVD in a timely manner. Avoid driving on a suspended license and get proper representation as soon as possible.

Misdemeanor and Domestic Violence Defense

Oftentimes a quick slip of judgment or family fight may land you in handcuffs and subsequently in court. While you may have only been charged with a misdemeanor, the impact on your life and record may still be tremendous. Further, depending on your record, it is possible that some misdemeanors may be re-charged as felonies. It is imperative to speak with an attorney whenever charged with a misdemeanor to not only ensure that you have the best case outcome, but also to ensure the case does not take a turn for the worse.

Protective Order Defense

Have you been served with an order of protection or injunction against harassment? If so, DO NOT contact the other party, secure representation to both fight the order as well as ensure you are not later charged with a crime for interfering with judicial proceedings or aggravated harassment. Merely having one of these orders against you may affect your ability to own a firearm or otherwise have a negative impact on your life.

DUI and Drug DUI Defense

Whenever charged with a DUI it is imperative to ensure the case is properly investigated. This includes whether the stop of the vehicle was valid, whether the officer properly conducted standardized field sobriety tests, whether the officer properly collected blood or breath evidence, whether that evidence was tested properly, whether a defendant has any medical conditions and/or prescriptions, whether requests for attorneys or independent tests were honored and more! Further, when charged with a DUI, not only does a client need to defend the criminal charge they need to defend their license from summary MVD suspension.

Flat Fees and Payment plans

Depending on your charges our firm will work with you with competitive and affordable flat fee representation and payment plans.




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